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16 February 2006 @ 03:48 pm
Woo, I'm at school right now and bored out of my mind with 20 minutes to go so I'm gunna just ramble on and on for no reason.

For the sake of free advertising, Wednesday nights starting around 9:00 the askarty show is going to going on at www.lt3m.com. If you don't mind the mature rating, come on in and check it out. ;)
Also, during the time of the show www.anthrochat.net will have the #askarty line open so come in and chat it up with the other cool peoples.

If you can't make it most often you can check out an archived copy at aku.lt3m.com/~icecast/Arty , though recently the archives seem to be in the off position.

Now, out of free advertising mode, I'm feeling the need for some music so I'm basically dying out here where they can't set up their speakers correctly, meaning tonight = jam out session to the max.

Random fact of today: Cat's urine glows under a blacklight.

Random rant of the day: Some people can get on your case for no reason whatsoever and justify it with their opinions. These people SUCK. These peopple, though, fuel the world around us, and thusly, without jackasses the world wouldn't go 'round. Man that's nasty.
31 January 2006 @ 06:36 pm
Yay for geeking. I've been planning out my existence on this earth through senior year, as far as technology goes. In 9th I'll be doing Computer Apps. 10th is Intro to Programming. 11th is AP Computer Sciences. 12th I'm going to be doing some teaching assistance. All in all, it'll be good, especially since i'll be near the only one of the kids (if not the only) in my grade in that class, so I don't have to live with those nimrods around me for a period of the day. Also, I'll be taking Medieval History next year, which should be fun, as well as French and maybe Latin. I'll be all over the place, but it'll all be worth it.
18 January 2006 @ 04:33 pm
Wee, first post to the community, happy am I. Now I get to exist with now purpose on here other than to meet random peopleses. Woo.
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